Grandmother’s Journal

Bless your grandchildren with a written record of prayers you have prayed for them.

The journal provides a written account of your love, affirmation, and dreams for your grandchildren.

The journal offers a written record for noting important milestones in their lives.

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Power of the Lamb’s Blood

God is a holy God and cannot look upon sin.

Through Word of Jesus, I am reconciled (brought into harmony/ made right) to God.

The whole realm of God’s power is opened when the child of God honors, uses, and audibly claims the blood of Jesus.

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Unshackled: Experiencing True Freedom for Men and Women

Have you heard that your Creator thinks you are wonderful and awesome?

The chains come off, and great peace comes as we learn who our Creator made us to be.

I believe that thoughts are triggered by these four sources:

  1. Our own minds (past experiences, preconceived ideas, wrong teaching, thing we take in through the senses)
  2. The words or actions of others
  3. The evil one, Satan
  4. God
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