52 Small Changes for the Family

By Brett Blumenthal and Danielle Shea Tan

Brett Blumenthal is an expert of healthy lifestyle. She regularly participates in conferences on health. Her articles are published on popular sites such as the Huffington Post and Yahoo. Brett is the winner of several professional awards and certified specialist of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Danielle Shea Tan is a nutritionist, expert and consultant on healthy lifestyle and family health. She regularly publishes articles and obtained an MBA degree.

The main idea of their book is simple: make one small step, only one simple change every week and in a year you and your family will be more conscious, curious and attentive, you will gain emotional balance, improve physical health and your relationships with friends, relatives and with each other.

The book 52 Small Changes for the Family is suitable for everyone, cause authors clearly explain every step and provide us with tips and tricks. They know that we all want to have a happy and healthy family. This book is for children and their parents, for those who want to live a full life and become better together with their loved ones.

According to the book life is a constant search for balance and it is not possible without compromises. If you are struggling to achieve something, just remember that there will be a new day tomorrow. You only have to gently and systematically implement changes. The book helps you to maintain engagement, interest and motivation for change as well as it helps you meaningfully achieve results. In this book you will find out how we can change our habits. It tells you that there are ways to save your family from many future problems, but only if you are smart about your healthy lifestyle today.

The book implies that you have to laugh at your problems and failures. Because laughing helps you to defuse the situation. Those who can laugh at themselves usually less suffer from problems in their lives. 

52 Small changes for the Family manifest that parents have to be a good example for their children. You will learn that children easily adopt the habits of their parents. Each chapter of this magnificent book includes a numbers of situations for readers to gain knowledge and experience.

One of the most important ideas this book shares with us is the fact that junk affects our lives more than we can imagine, it exhausts us and causes stress. Scientists have found: a mess in the house, junk and scattered things directly affect the health of children. You are not motivated to do the house cleaning regularly, or it is still hard for you to get rid of your old junk? You definitely should read this book! 

Brett Blumenthal and Danielle Shea Tan stand for globalization, according to their opinion people who spent some time in multicultural environment are better at cognitive tasks. This is why they usually are better with solving problems. They have a more creative and innovative thinking and more often achieve success in their careers.


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