Praying Scriptures to Grandchildren

A Treasure Laid Up in Heaven  
Praying Scriptures to Grandchildren

Grandparents are a blessing to our lives. They carry within them years of rich experiences, time-earned values, and unconditional love. They are like your parents, except they are fluttering in their golden years, reflecting upon their past accomplishments (and downfalls), like the sunset that was reflected on a strong current, exhilarated for life.


As grandkids grow up, they are often left under the graceful hands of their beloved grandmamma or grandpapa. During the precious time spent together, children are graced with storytelling, life-sharing, encouragement, and incomparable grandparental warmth. Alongside these practices, comes the gift of praying scriptures to grandchildren. The Word of God is like a spurting fountain of overflowing nourishment: goodness, purity, and lifelong teachings, thoroughly enlightening yearning minds to his glorious purpose. Bible reading becomes a pathway to open a young one’s heart and mind to the light. Praying scriptures to grandchildren directs the little miracles of this earth toward a pathway from darkness and into the land of eternity, of love—heaven.


At a young age, it is of value to plant in the minds of children the wealth of the Bible. The Bible has been around for centuries. It is holy, it is the truth, and it is filled with parables of redemption, miracle, salvation, and the love of Jesus Christ. When imparted, wisdom will be endowed like a seed promising to bear fruit—fruits that are ripe and good, forever enriching God’s creations. Proverbs 17:6 tells us, “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” Even in the Bible, the scripture emphasizes the importance of elders in our lives, much like a mentor, a leading figure like the Father, our necessary guiding light.


Children will always look up to their elders. Without them, they will be torn inside, losing a teacher of life, having no good examples to emulate. At a child’s budding age, grandparents become beacons of hope, of inspiration. They have much awaiting for them, ever-ready to embrace life.


Because we are only humans with borrowed time, we won’t last for very long on this earth. It becomes our pilgrim to enjoy all of life’s blessings provided generously to us, and at the same time, share these blessings and experiences with our fellowmen as we have temporary passes here. Praying scriptures to grandchildren is one form of passing on a treasure that will continue to glint the earth as time carries on.


When grandparents leave this earth, as they are led to the promised light, at least grandchildren may never forget how these stories of inspiration were told, and these stories, these scriptures, will continue to be scattered like seeds, passed down and read as scriptures to grandchildren of their own.



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