The importance of leaving a written legacy for your grandchildren.


Why do people write journals? Do they write them for their own personal pleasure? Is it to record their thoughts and the events that surround their lives to reflect on later? Or is it because they want to impart their wisdom to others when they are long gone?


Many magical stories begin with the protagonist opening a forgotten journal in an attic. Sometimes, these journals are written by their grandparents, and they usually lead to amazing adventures or at least a life-changing event. The art of journaling or writing is often neglected because people underestimate the power of leaving these memories behind. The wisdom and lessons that can be gleaned from these journals are worth far more than leaving money or material possessions. In fact, a journal or even a book bequeathed to someone they love to peruse far into the future is a priceless gift worth treasuring.


Sometimes, these journals are accounts of little precious moments of life. Snippets of memories like the first time a grandchild said their first word or maybe an account of spending a day baking cookies or funny stories and jokes. Even in the darkest times, words of encouragement that leap from the page and beyond the grave can uplift spirits and change perspectives.


People find it hard to observe themselves, and it is a privilege of a grandparent to be able to oversee a life blossom without direct involvement, making them ideal angels of advice for their beloved grandkids. A person may write their hopes and dreams for their grandkids as they grow older, as well as important values and beliefs that is deemed important for a better life.


In fact, it would be so much better if these tomes of worldly wisdom are encased in beautifully bound bindings, so one should (if the fancy takes them) spend a little more for a more pleasing visual treat. One may write daily, or even once a week, or even keep to record special events like the first day of school or winning spelling bee. Even random thoughts would be a beautiful addition, for doing so will be building a legacy. It is a memory of living a blessed life and wishing the same for your grandchild.


It doesn’t have to be literary because it will be from the soul. Write what is from the heart in a simple way, as if speaking to the reader. It is a special history and a beautiful gift that nobody else can appreciate and treasure as much as those who have seen you in your golden years and understand that those are not just words on paper but a symbol of love to be kept, learned from, and passed on to a new generation.


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