The Joys and Pleasures of Being a Grandparent

Saying that being a parent is hard is a gross understatement. You have a divine responsibility in raising your children to achieve their full potential, provide the best for them, and make sure they grow up into capable members of society. It is both a blessing and a curse, and sometimes the rewards aren’t event that satisfying. But then there comes a time in every parent’s life where they become grandparents, and that is when the fun truly begins.


Being a grandparent is enjoying the pleasure of children without all the responsibility. Having the joy of seeing children blossom without the weight of parenthood is the best thing ever. Seeing your own children and yourself in your grandchildren is a gift that rewards all the years of stress and sorrow you have from dealing with your own kids, and there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a child becoming your best friend.

The Joys and Pleasures of Being a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is a fantastic experience. Here are some reasons why:


Fun Times with Grandma and Grandpa

Naturally, since you are not the parent, you don’t need to deal with doctor’s appointments, homework, or discipline, and that makes you the ideal adult to hang out. Ice cream even if Mommy and Daddy said no? Sure! You want to go visit the zoo? Okay! Spend the day playing Mario Kart? Why not! These moments of bonding with your grandchildren without the parental responsibility will endear you to them and make you their super special best friend for life.


Loads of Free Time

One great part about being a grandparent is that it usually happens when you’ve already retired, so you got a lot of spare time on your hands to spend with your favorite munchkins. You can even take them camping, and even though you might skirt on a few disciplinary rules, your kids will thank you from giving them time off from being parents.


No Work, All Play

When your kids drop their kids off at your doorstep, they are usually already prepared. You don’t need to wake them up, get them dressed, or feed them breakfast since all the work has been done, and you guys can focus on the more important things like baking cookies or gardening.


Words of Wisdom

As you have already experienced the joys of parenthood directly, as well as lived a good amount of life, you can impart wisdom and lessons on life to your grandkid that they will sure to remember as they grow up.


Been There, Done That

Since you’ve already been there and have done that, you worry less about your grandkids rolling in the mud and eating random bugs because you’ve seen it before, and everything turned out all right in the end.


Perfect Presents

Even the most mundane money in a greeting card will be revered and treated as pure gold by your grandkids. You can indulge them with loud obnoxious presents like wailing toys and squeaky shoes that you’ll never have to deal with. After giving them these gifts and seeing their little faces light up, you can go home smug knowing that it’ll be their parent’s dealing with the noise and not you.


These are just some perks, but really, there are so many things that make being a grandparent an awesome experience. So revel in your silver years and spend as much time with your grandkids as you can. Enjoy in the rewards and have fun.


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